Sweden Offshore servers? Any good provider?

Any info on warez-host.com pricing and their server stability?
Need over 3 tbs of HD + 40 TB of Bandwidth, Linux. Sweden
What can you say about their customer support, features, scripts they support ?
What hosting provider is better? Why?
I can say that warez-host.com is really good offshore web host!
The pricing plan is good, and the control panel is nice as well. They are that good and you won't be disappointed. I don't think I will ever leave. You won't either.
I first contacted warez-host.com support staff for help with one of their packages, I could tell this host was a keeper.
Their support staff were so kind, and even transferred my existing warez linking site at no charge.
Offshore web hosting can save companies money for various reasons. Many European web hosts charge less for space in their server than their American counterparts. One of the reasons that offshore web hosting in places like Iceland can cost less is because they will not charge extra for any desired customization.