Is Virtual Dedicated, Dedicated?


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No, it actually isn't. It's sort of like a dedicated machine, where you can create accounts and sub-accounts and act like a reseller of web hosting services, but it is not a dedicated environment. The environment is shared.
Good feature of the VPS is the ability to create sandboxes and honeypots. These are methods of testing software updates and features while keeping the main site secure. Your company uses one of its VPS partitions for its main site and another one as a backup.
While VPS hosting is generally very secure, dedicated hosting offers a higher level of protection. Both types of hosting allow you to install your own security software, but with dedicated hosting, you are in full control of any security breaches.
The virtual environment is much more natural to scale than dedicated hosting. With a client using only a portion of the available resources on a physical server, those resources can be allocated without any changes to the hardware. A dedicated server provides client access to the full resource base of the hardware.